Miss World 2021-Postponed

We should be watching Miss World 2021 right now; however, the grand finale has been postponed due to Coronavirus concerns.

With allegedly 17 positive Covid-19 test results and with 7 “isolated” candidates reported to have possible infections, the Miss World Organization found it most appropriate to push the finale back. It is now to be held “within 90 days” at the same location.

More safety measures are now in place for the contestants, production team and spectators, but they still decided to delay the event after discussions with the Puerto Rican Health Department.

Contestants and related staff now face “immediate quarantine, pending observation and further testing”, and will have the option to return to their home countries. Wit contestants from 98 countries, this brings up concerns regarding visas, travel restrictions and so much more.

The annual contest, which was cancelled last year, will celebrate its 70th anniversary on Thursday.

Last month at the Miss Universe pageant in Israel, Miss France, Clemence Botino, was forced into quarantine for 10 days after she tested positive on her arrival.

Miss Grand International managed to get through the competition with no positive Covid-19 cases, though a handful of ladies reported flu-like symptoms.

We are happy to see some normalcy after all that we’ve been through; however, we must keep the safety of all individuals at the forefront! Kudos to Miss World for doing what they felt they needed to to not put anyone else’s health at-risk.

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