Lalela Mswane: Miss South Africa 2021

Miss South Africa is a title that gets loads of attention and support yearly from around the world and it was absolutely no different from the moment Lalela Mswane, Miss South Africa 2021, was crowned. She then got even more attention with the announcement of her being appointed Miss Universe South Africa.
She is now on-location, but her road to Miss Universe hasn’t always been smooth with backlash centered around her decision to attend Miss Universe 2021 because of its location:  Eilat, Israel. 
The South African government even announced a withdrawal of its support after it failed to persuade the Miss South Africa pageant organizers to pull out of the event in protest of Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians.
At times it was made to seem that Lalela Mswane, a 24 year old scholar, dancer and model from KwaZulu-Natal, was up against the world; yet and still, this beauty queen kept her own truth, ambitions and dreams at the forefront, taking her all the way to Miss Universe.
We are so proud of her for sticking to what she believed in and not breaking under pressure. All the best, Lalela Mswane! We hope to see you bring home the crown!